Couple “Friends”

“Are you typically free on weekends?”

I paused. Who was asking, Sean? Or his girlfriend?

My stomach did a flip. Was I really considering meeting up with a couple?

Friday night I came home from a weird date, drunk. More on that later. I kicked off my heels and did what I sometimes do when I’m drunk or bored. I played with Tinder.

For fun, I lowered my age range and threw women into the mix. Here’s what happened:


I have never had a threesome, folks. I’ve slept with men. I’ve slept with women. But always one at a time and usually (not always, I can be a little slutty) in a relationship.

I’m curious to see where this goes. If it’s like most of my Tinder chats, it will go nowhere. But I will admit I’m curious. What’s the point of divorce if I’m not a little adventurous, right?