Dating Test: Ride to the Airport?

I’m flying away this afternoon to visit my sister in sunnier climes.

I’ve found that one of the things I miss about having a husband or a boyfriend is having a reliable ride to the airport. I love to travel, so I get away fairly frequently. I don’t live in a place with great public transportation, nor do I have extra income for pricey airport parking lots.

I’ve come to rely on friends and family for rides, but I feel bad asking. I’ve begged rides from my neighbors, mother, brother, and a coworker.

I was kind of hoping New Guy, who we’ll call Running Man, would offer to take me.

We’ve been talking online and off for a few months now. We’ve had three good (a few of them great, even) dates, with a promise of a fourth when I get back. We text every day, and last night we talked on the phone for a half hour.

I was waiting for him to offer.

I don’t like to play games. I really don’t. I know it’s too soon to ask, but I don’t think it’s too soon for me to offer.

Expecially now that we’ve been naked together.

Is this an unfair expectation?