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  1. Wow! Your life seems so much like mine. I have 5 children, oldest 10 and live with alcohic pill popper. It’s exhausting. He’s mean and cruel and lies about his addiction calling me the paranoid crazy one. I can’t believe this is my life some days. My poor 6 year old daughter is so manipulated by him. He tries to drive my kids from practices, I beg, scream not to drive my kids. He makes huge scenes saying he would never drive drunk making me feel crazy. He has left them places, drunk. I’m scared and tired of the abuse. My 6 year old always tells me how mean I am for not letting her go in car with her father. We are staying at my parents. He won’t leave. Makes me sick!! Scared for her. My 10 year old feels like he has to be man of house since his dad always out. I love my kids and hate that he does this to them.Thanks for this blog, my mom found it today!

  2. I am a husband of an alcoholic wife, and going through Nursing school at the moment. My wife and I separated for about 16 months mostly over her drinking. I have spoken to many Nurse Practitioners in chemical dependency units and just finished my clinical rounds in an addiction unit. I have found little hope and nothing but disappointment. She has made it clear that drinking is more important than anything else. I feel my future is in peril and I dread coming home to her at night. I have been unwittingly guilty of enabling her to drink. However, I fear the consequences of ending the enabling. She will most likely loose her professional license and I am not the kind of person who relishes extreme drama in their life. The only time she got serious about cleaning up her act was when she was being watched over like a 5 year old. I am exhausted and feel as if I am dying inside. I have to make the choice to stay or leave. If I leave this time it is permanent. I am changing my phone number, and name. She needs to find someone who loves alcohol as much as she does. It is not me. I am bitter she lied to me at the beginning of our relationship about not having a problem with alcohol. The worst part about it is that it has wasted years of my life.

  3. Been on my own now for 2 & 1/2 years… Left the abusive, crazy, uncertain life of a 33 year marriage to a alcoholic… But now I’ve been in a relationship with a very sweet , kind, generous, fun and understanding man…. Sounds great right? Here’s where it gets to be a problem… He has admitted that he is addicted to porn and has been in recovery for 3 plus years…. Group and individual therapy. Doesn’t own a television, computer or cell phone because that is part of his recovery and keeping “clean”… Tried a cell phone last year and relapsed within 3 days so quickly returned the phone and continued therapy. I have been dating him for 14 months and he treats my better than I have ever been treated. Never seen him consume too much alcohol or be belittling, insulting, embarrassing, abusive or any of the everyday things that I spent a lifetime with…. He is very loving, kind and gentle, hugs and kisses constantly…. But that is where it stops… Very little intimacy … He claims it just doesn’t come natural to him and doesn’t know what to do about it…. Except a few weeks ago, we were together when he started talking fantasy talk about me being with another man and how the thought of that got him very worked up and excited… I on the other hand felt used and violated by the conversation… Can’t seem to shake the thought… He is SO VERY GOOD in every other way… I’ve never had so many great conversations, so much fun and laughter in my whole life. Am I right yo be concerned? Or am I just too scared of being hurt again.?

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