Couple “Friends”

“Are you typically free on weekends?”

I paused. Who was asking, Sean? Or his girlfriend?

My stomach did a flip. Was I really considering meeting up with a couple?

Friday night I came home from a weird date, drunk. More on that later. I kicked off my heels and did what I sometimes do when I’m drunk or bored. I played with Tinder.

For fun, I lowered my age range and threw women into the mix. Here’s what happened:


I have never had a threesome, folks. I’ve slept with men. I’ve slept with women. But always one at a time and usually (not always, I can be a little slutty) in a relationship.

I’m curious to see where this goes. If it’s like most of my Tinder chats, it will go nowhere. But I will admit I’m curious. What’s the point of divorce if I’m not a little adventurous, right?


4 thoughts on “Couple “Friends”

  1. Not judging at all… Trust me. But from all your blogs lately it seems as though you are addicted……addicted to chaos. You went through so much with your husband; You had a crazy stalker, you have two small kids; what are you doing? maybe you should take some time to just be with you!

    • I’m sure I am. Thanks for weighing in; I’m sure my therapist would totally agree witt you. I guess I feel that most days I’m a fully present mom, so on the other days I want to have fun.

      • I know you are a fully present mom…..a wonderful mom….just want you to be careful….After my first divorce with my kids’ dad, I too wanted to have fun and experience things that I never had during our years together. I was literally STARVED for fun, excitement, intimacy, etc. So I did a lot of things that could have been disastrous. And then I leaped into a relationship with my alcoholic husband. It all seemed so exciting…..I felt like going to Victoria Secret every weekend, etc……you get the picture. I ignored a lot of “red flags” because my life was so freaking “movie like”…incredibly passionate, “wild”. And, then we got married……and reality set in. Really wish I had just gotten to know me a lot better…..realized I was desperate for APPROVAL from a man who was risky….I would have been so much better off figuring out what I really wanted.

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