New Dating Rule? No Sweet Nothings


After we got naked and nearly had sex, we cuddled. I wasn’t ready. It was only our third date. He seemed alright with that, understanding, even.

The next day? I got texts about how cold it was on his run.

I wanted a text or even better, a phone call, that went like this: I had an amazing time last night! Thanks for getting together, beautiful.

Or maybe, Hey sexy! Thinking of you. When can I see you again?

No sweet nothings. Nada. Days went by and Running Man continued with an irregular patter of boring updates about his day. No request for a fourth date. No flirty chatter.

I started worrying, did my stretch marks turn him off? Is he like Mr. Landing Strip and looking for more of a Brazilian situation? Was he just in it to get laid?

I hate this anxiety. And the kicker is, I don’t even care that much. I’m not crazy about him. I’ve got more guys texting me and sending me Match and Tinder messages than I know what to do with.

I guess I’m upset because he violated my old-fashioned sense of courtesy which dictates that guys should call a girl the day after you take her panties off.

Hell, even my DivorceMoon fling FaceTimed me the next day. We live thousands of miles apart but I sensed that he did because it was the gentlemanly thing to do. It was fun. Flirty. And great closure. We never spoke again.

When I get angry or scared or anxious I tend to make rules to protect myself. Right now I feel like writing a new rule in black ink: If I take my clothes off with a man he should call me the next day, or at least send a sweet text. If he doesn’t, no more. On to the next guy.

But I worry that’s expecting too much.

What do you think? Am I old-fashioned? Are my expectations too high?

Ladies, do you need a call like that after you have any kind of sex, oral or other?

Gentleman, do you follow-up with a call if you’re really into a girl?


9 thoughts on “New Dating Rule? No Sweet Nothings

  1. I’m also on the receiving end of this bad behaviour currently. I say that I reserve the right to a reply from any man who’s seen my swimsuit area..but it seems that is too much to ask of these Lothario’s!

  2. Ideally yes! But it doesn’t always happen. The last guy who saw ‘my swimsuit area’ disappeared! Didn’t call and stopped taking calls. I don’t know if it was my stretch marks! But you do have a right to desire a certain kind of courtesy and to chuck a guy out if that isn’t forthcoming.

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