Rebound Girl

I’m the rebound girl.

I’m the girl who got him laid after his marriage fell apart.
I’m the girl who was fun and friendly and flirty after his wife was depressed, cold, and distant.
I’m the girl who said “yes” a lot and hardly ever said “no.”
I’m the girl who bent over the kitchen counter and got down on her knees, eagerly.

That’s me. I’m the rebound girl.

The minute he was reminded of the pain a relationship can bring—insecurities, sadness, vulnerability—I found myself confronted with a black shoebox, carried through the snow. Instantaneously.
The rebound fun was over. The real stuff had begun.

Nobody wants that in a rebound girl. She should be on her knees, in a skirt, happy to see you and always willing.

Now I’m the heartbreak girl. Not wearing sexy panties girl. On edge, not sleeping girl.
The stupid, naive, How on earth did this happen again girl.
That’s me.


6 thoughts on “Rebound Girl

  1. We all do it!!!!! And we do it out of insecurity, lonliness, fear of not being sexy panties girl
    I’m the Idiot Girl
    The one who checked her phone constantly for messages
    The one who had sex in a car (and didn’t care who saw)
    The one who knew she was being an idiot while she was being an idiot
    The one who traveled over two bridges and many, many miles to be with someone who she didn’t really like all that much anyway
    The one who saw all the posts and pictures of people he met on JDate while he was having sex with Idiot Girl
    Idiot Girl, that’s me, the one who felt powerless once again, the one who compromised her boundaries.
    Idiot Girl

    • Gosh does this make me feel better about being Rebound Girl! Thank you. I’m still checking my phone constantly. I guess we learn, and if we don’t, at least we get laid. 🙂

  2. It may sound crazy, but that’s why I’m not sleeping with ANYONE until there is a wedding ring on my finger. No one deserves that part of me unless we are truly in love and committed for life. I made too many mistakes with too many junkies and alcoholics in my past and all it resulted in was a broken marriage and a broken heart. Anyone worth anything will wait for you in marriage.

  3. 😦

    Sex complicates everything.

    As much as I want to do it, I’m glad I’m not.

    While love is ideal, deep “like” and lots of mutual respect goes a long way. And I won’t pull the trigger until I find that.

    You don’t have to be on your knees or in sexy underwear to be sexy.

    You can just be you. Caring about your child. And trying your best to be whoever it is you want to be.

    I bet plenty of men can want that woman.

    I bet plenty of men can love that woman.


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