Onwards and Upwards: Playing the Numbers in Online Dating


PlentyofFish (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was pretty bummed when Mr. Geeky didn’t call after our third date.

I mean, we were a 92% match on OkCupid! We shared Indian food, had a hot make out session, and have so much in common. I thought we had a great time. Who knows what he thought? Because he has gone MIA.

I decided to follow the advice of my strict Rules sisters, who advise: “”Next!”–meaning wipe away a tear, go to a party or club where he is nowhere to be found, and join an online dating site ASAP!” Since they’ve written a few books and I have totally sucked in the marriage picking department, I listen, even when I think they’re man-hunting anti-feminist whack jobs.

That’s what led me to join PlentyofFish, revamp my online “presence,” and start getting crazy numerous messages from guys. Some of them even seem sane, employed, and reasonably attractive! Hoorah.

Tonight began my first of five PlentyofFish dates that I have lined up over the next six days.

Is your head spinning already? ‘Cause mine is.

Tonight I met Mr. Outdoorsy Tech.

We’ll start with the good: on time, chose a cool place, met me in my own neighborhood at a time that works with my insane schedule. He texted me ahead of time and we exchanged nice messages.

We talked about some crazy stuff, including: abortion, guns, politics, and marriage. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to see him again, but then he kissed me goodnight. Wow. Wow. Wow.

It was a hot kiss. I could imagine fucking him like… tomorrow. I didn’t feel that way with Mr. Geeky.

No wonder he didn’t call.

Mr. Outdoorsy Tech texted me as soon as I got home saying he wants to see me again, he had fun, etc.

After that kiss? I will definitely see him again, although I’m worried I’ll like the other men I’ve got lined up too and then I’ll have another problem all together.

I’m trying not to be picky but I was a bit turned off by his worn jeans and sports t-shirt, his elbow left on the table while eating, and his asking the server for the checks. Plural. But then he paid as a gentleman should so he redeemed himself.

I thank my Rules sisters for leading me down this path, because after this evening’s date I’ve hardly given any of my exes (or nearly exes) a passing thought. Onwards and upwards!

I’m having fun, and that feels good.

Anyone else having fun tonight?


3 thoughts on “Onwards and Upwards: Playing the Numbers in Online Dating

  1. Awesome! I just starting looking at Plenty of Fish too! Admittingly to see to if my husband is on there but then I really checked it out and there seems to be some decent men on there! I don’t think I’m ready just yet but I am going away and have my own room in a couple weeks so we’ll see what happens on a drunken night out!

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