Rocky Mountains

I’m taking myself on a romantic getaway next week.

Recently I started to feel resentful. Everything I do is for the kids. My soon to be ex husband blames me for everything, and is unpleasant to be around. I’m divorcing him but haven’t figured out how to tell him, because I’m afraid of his anger/blaming game and I’m sad that it’s really over. Work starts up again soon, after 9 weeks off, and the idea of running the boys to daycare again in the morning (hurry up! use the potty! no you can’t wait to brush your teeth! yes you have to wear shoes! etc.) makes me want to crawl into bed and never come out. And of course it’s wedding anniversary season: this friend is taking an anniversary trip with her husband this weekend, another friend is foisting her children onto her parents so she and her husband can sleep in. Together.

The last time I had a romantic weekend away was many years ago. Who’s going to take care of me but me? No one.

So I booked the tickets. I selected a “fireplace suite.” I giggled as I entered my credit card number. The room will be nicer than the one we stayed in for our honeymoon.

But I deserve it.

I’m so excited! I’m headed to a brand new city, one I’ve never been to. No one will know me or my ex. The city will bear no memories, and no responsibilities. Just me, a king bed, a segway tour, and the mountains.

I cannot wait for my DivorceMoon!