When Addiction Rules, the Kids Lose

Little Dude is seriously musical. Just over 1, he loves to dance. He sings. He begs to play instruments. The other day I signed him up for a music class starting next weekend. I work all week so Saturday is really the only day we can go.

Husband and I had been pulling off the co-parenting thing so well, I planned on Big Bro having alone time with Dad while I took the little one to music class.


In such a short time, the simple stuff has become impossible. When I found out Husband has escalated his drug use, I took quick action. The legal separation paperwork has been signed, and my hope for a happy, healthy family has died. Music lessons? No way. There is no one I can ask to babysit Big Brother every Saturday for 10 weeks. That’s too much to ask of anyone.

There’s much to be grateful for, but much to be sad about, as well. I’m trying to feel my feelings without letting them overtake me.

One day at a time? For today, I’m operating one hour at a time.


What do you think?

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