Separation Agreement Signed

Met husband at lawyer’s today.
He was angry. I had to take a break to dry my tears.

The agreement we signed names me as sole custodian/guardian. He’s allowed visits under supervision only. At least until he gets clean and sober.

I do believe this is best for the kids but my heart is still breaking.

How am I going to do this alone?
Why can’t he just get better?


10 thoughts on “Separation Agreement Signed

  1. Who was angry: husband or husband’s lawyer? You ARE doing the right thing for your kids, and deep down you know it. He either will get clean for them, or he won’t. The ball is in his court now. He’s got some serious soul-searching to do. Thank God your kids have YOU!

    • Thank you for validating my actions! Being married to an addict who lies and manipulates has left me doubting myself. Husband was angry but then sent me a text last night thanking me for doing the right thing for our kids. I didn’t respond. I need to let go.

  2. You are doing the right thing, for everyone, including your husband. He just doesn’t know it yet. He may never know it, but that is not your problem anymore. Take care. You are doing GREAT!!!

  3. You can do this. Somehow single mom’s everywhere pull it off. Mine did when my alcoholic abusive father ran off with much younger woman.
    Phil 4:13 is my favorite verse. When I feel like I cannot take one more step….

  4. I started reading ur blog from the beginning. I feel that we have so many similarities. I’m at that same point except my husband won’t leave.

    Thank u!!

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