Good News Brothers

One of the things I’m finding hardest about this separation is the loneliness.

Who’s here to share the cute thing Big Bro said today?

Just you guys. So far I have 0 views so actually no one’s here either but I still have this keyboard to keep me warm.

Today I took the boys for a walk and we ended up at the park. Big Bro joined a small group of boys who organized a game of tag, which is pretty hilarious considering only 1 of them was old enough to grasp the rules, and he was left hiding for a long, long time. But anyway, my youngest, Little Dude, was enjoying the fall weather. Two toddler-sized sticks in hand, he was wondering the park and enjoying kicking leaves.

Big Bro noticed he was on his own, outside of the group, and went and grabbed Little Dude’s hand. Dragging him behind him, Big Bro approached the group and said, “Hey guys, this is my friend, Little Dude.”

Little Dude thanked him by wondering off toward another pile of leaves.

To summarize, my barely 3 year old noticed the baby was left out, and tried to include him, with a proper introduction and all. How cute is that?

No one here to answer but I can pat myself on the back, nonetheless.

The good news today is that even though I’m separated, and lonely, and I kind of hate my husband for being a drunk loser, I have these boys.

And they are amazing.


One thought on “Good News Brothers

  1. “How is it that little children are so intelligent and men so stupid? It must be education that does it”
    ― Alexandre Dumas

    Big bro sounds like an amazing kid. You’re doing a great job.

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